2K G7-2P

GALAYOU Security Camera Indoor - 2K WiFi Home Camera for Baby, Two Way Audio, Real time Alert, Smart Siren, Memory Card&Cloud Storage, Works with Alexa (G7-2P)

1.Ultra 2K Resolution & Advanced Night Vision
2.24/7 Real-Time Motion Alert & Smart Siren
3.Remote Monitoring & Two-Way Audio
4.Secure Local Storage & Cloud Storage Access.
5.Flexible SD Card & Cloud Storages.



Quick Installation Guide
User Manual


Q:Does this camera support continuous recording?


AThis camera provides SD card slot to install the micro SD card. The continuous recording for 24/7 is open to all customers. It means you can insert the SD card to enjoy the memory card storage and then enable the SD card continuous recording mode. You don't need to pay extra fees to subscribe Cloud plan. 

Q:How can I connect this camera to Alexa?


A: Please follow the below process to do :
1. Please connect your camera to Wansview Cloud APP at first and make sure the camera is online.
2. Please go to your Alexa APP and log in to your Alexa account --- menu button --- Skills & Games --- search "Wansview Cloud"---Enable to Use --- login to your Wansview Cloud Account -- the Wansview camera will be linked with your Alexa.
3. Then go to the Device page of the Alexa APP --- click+---choose [Add Device] --- select [Others] ---then Alexa will start to search all the online cameras on Wansview cloud app.
4. You can add all found cameras to Alexa, but one time can only add one camera. After that, you can click [Devices] ---[ALL Devices] to check all cameras.
5. Please note that the live feed will be available on the Echo show device, not on the Alexa app.


Q: Does this camera support dual-band router?


A: Yes, it does. Dual-band WiFi routers support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies But our camera only works with 2.4Ghz Wifi band, it means you have to go to your router setting via webpage and then separate networks for the 2.4 GHz. You can create a different name to your 2.4Ghz Wifi SSID for identify it quickly. 

Q:What size masonry bit does the screw anchor require?
A:The specification of our screw 3.5mm*25mm. Pleae find the compatible masonry bit.




Q:Can i use a 3rd party app like Blue Iris on this camera?
A:This camera supports Onvif and RTSP, so you can add this camera to blue iris.



GALAYOU G7 2K Wi-Fi Camera